Spend 5 minutes and save 10% with MailChimp

31 Mar

For those using MailChimp, here’s a simple way to save 10%:

Enable two-step authentication.

Two-step authentication is a must for your important accounts (think online banking, email, PayPal, email service provider, etc). It requires a two-step login that mostly eradicates social-engineering hacks.

Best of all, MailChimp uses AlterEgo, which integrates into Google Authenticator.

When you using Google Authenticator, when you log into MailChimp (or GMail), it will ask you for a six digit code. Pull it up on your phone, get the code there, and bam, done.

I timed it. It literally took me 17 extra seconds.

The upside? I now save over a thousand dollars a year. All while making myself more secure.

Talk about the definition of a win-win.

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