Sorry, but plagiarizing isn’t a “mistake” (hi Jaco De Bruyn)

22 Dec


John Meadows posted on Facebook how fitness model Jaco de Bruyn ripped off his workout program.

Jaco de Bruyn then posted admitting he ripped it off, and came to a business agreement with John.

Some time after that, Jaco backed out.

How the story unfolds, I don’t know. I can vouch that John Meadows is a class act. But what really grinds me gears is how he angles it as a “bad decision.” In the comments section, his fan boys go on about how it was a simple mistake, how he must be an outstanding person to fess up, etc etc.

What the hell? What kind of mental gymnastics are at play here?!

A mistake is when you accidentally write 79 instead of 97. A mistake is when you say “yes baby you do look fat in those jeans.” But copy pasting someone else’s work, passing it off as your own, and profiting isn’t a mistake. It’s malicious.

That’s not a bad decision – it’s a planned decision.

Not to mention, would Jaco De Bruyn have ever admitted to it if he hadn’t been caught first?

Plagiarism isn’t a mistake. It’s a deliberate deleterious act only done by lazy hacks.

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Ian King

December 24th, 2014 at 6:37 pm

A very balanced view point offered here, thank you. Much needed to counter those who make excuses for their colleagues acts of plagiarism. Thank you. Ian King