RSS is your friend you damn fools

9 Aug

I’ve been talking about shifting away from local search to local – and it boggles my mind how wasteful local is.

My favorite example are blogs for businesses. Say I like Cafe X nearby. They have a blog (or even a website). They realize that getting their information is a good idea – and so they use RSS. They may not fully get it, but they realize that RSS lets me access their information more conveniently.

Now what boggles my mind is how many of them do not use full feeds. While the real goal is to get me going to their business, because it is the web, they seem to think the ‘target’ is getting me to their website. I was already on their damn website – that is why I subscribed to the RSS feed in the first place! You damn fools – give me access to the full content immediately.

This of course extends in other ways – as an avid NBA fan, it boggles my mind that does not use full feeds. I am going to guess they would do better to keep me more engaged (not having to click on the link), and thus more likely to attend an actual NBA game (and with the economy hit as badly as it has, it is something they are desperate for).

I can understand a professional blogger who makes his money by driving ad-views on his blog – fine. Otherwise? Use a full feed!

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Jim Moran

September 27th, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Yep. Also, I know full feeds are a big deal for (I assume the others as well). If an SMB is creating content they’d want included in aggretagors then they really should think about opening up their feeds.