Odd Local Stat …

27 Nov

So I was looking over the stats for one of the local search sites we own (European) – 500,000+ searches, so a decent spread. (An aside – we operate and test roughly a dozen simple local search sites for various countries to gauge user-reaction on quality of data).

The site does roughly 4000 unique visitors a day (weekdays). On weekends it drops to 1500 unique visitors a day – a drop of over 50%.

But what is odd is that on weekdays there are roughly 2500 searches conducted. On weekends, it drops to 250 – a drop of roughly 90%.

Mind you this is just raw searches – they could be visiting the site and then searching, or finding the site via a search engine and then searching, or whatever other combination.

Still an interesting thought – are people more willing to seek out what they want on work-days?

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