My Vudu Review

12 Mar

So a while ago, I bought a Vudu. It is like an Apple TV – connect it to the internet, hook it up to your TV, and buy/rent movies through the system.

Yesterday, while attempting to watch I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, the thing died. Or it didn’t die per se – it would play the movie for about 30 seconds, before dying and rebooting. A tad bit annoying.

So I posted on the forum, and helpful people swooped in. I called the customer support number, and even though it was 9:30 am PST, the automated system said that customer service opened up at 9:00 am.

Uhoh … this could be bad.

I called back half an hour later, and had customer support on the phone in about 30 seconds. The conversation went like so:

Ahmed: My Vudu isn’t working, *story goes here*
Operator: Sir can I have your name
Ahmed: Ahmed Farooq
Operator: Okay, found it. There must be a glitch with your hardware. You will be sent a new Vudu, and a fedex shipping slip to send back your current Vudu
Ahmed: That was easy
Operator: Have a good day.

The entire conversation lasted maybe 90 seconds. From dial to hang up was < 3 minutes. Color me happy!

In terms of the actual product, some quick thoughts:

  • It is damn easy to use. The remote is absolutely wonderful.
  • It really needs to remember preferences. Eg I only use it to rent movies. Why it can’t do that boggles my mind
  • I can’t see my viewing history through the Vudu. Boo!
  • I hate the 24 hour rental period. 48 hours would be more than enough. Too many times something comes up while I’m watching a movie and I have to pause.
  • I know this is a licensing issue/headache, but the delay in getting some movies to rental (and the price for some older movies) is annoying. Really annoying.
  • I like the HD offerings. I watched 3:10 to Yuma HD and it was absolutely crisp on my 42″
  • Some of the categorization is mind boggling. Eg I believe The Hills have Eyes (or similar) was categorized as ‘romantic’. Speaking of categorization, need more (eg animated!)

Overall I’m very happy. Extremely convenient, fast, and easy to use. Right now it’s like a 90% – if they could get release dates fixed and the prices for older movies more balanced, it would be high up in the upper 90s.

2 Responses to My Vudu Review



May 4th, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Sounds like a good piece of equipment. Might have to check it out myself. Been looking for something with higher quality than Netflix streaming.



July 13th, 2010 at 9:17 am


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