Losing Fat is Easy

29 Nov

It took me longer than it should have (and I’m 90% done), but I’m very cognizant of why it took as long as it did (I’d rather eat nachos with buddies on a Saturday night than not).

It’s really a matter of physics. If you burn more calories than you ingest, your body will lose weight. A bit of intelligent is required to ensure it’s fat and not muscle, but the general premise remains.

It’s also a lot easier to eat 200 calories less than to burn off 200 calories.

And please let’s not get into carbs, paleo, keto, protein TEF, and other shit. That accounts for 10%, not the actual 90%. Even the oft-mentioned hyperthyroidism is naught more than a weak excuse.

So yeah, easy. You have only your diet to look at.

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