Google Chrome: No shit sherlocks

28 Sep

Every time I run into another blog post that trumpets on how Chrome’s market share is down … I just shake my head at how people are confusing common sense with deep analytics.

First off, Google Chrome was a big announcement. Here was the fabled GBrowser (speaking of which, goes nowhere). And what was everyone’s reaction to the browser? To rush out, get it, and try it on the web.

But what did people expect then? That every single user would start using Chrome?

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That a snowball effect would ensue and it would obliterate FireFox and IE’s share? That a previously untested-in-the-wild software would be perfect of any bugs? That software released currently as 0.20 was going to be flawless and take over the world? That software that Google is not even promoting publicly was going to just keep growing in market-share?

Come on people – use some common sense. There are a bunch of web-savvy people who use IE, another bunch who use FF, and another bunch who use Opera. Of course market share was going to spike up -everyone wanted to test it. And of course it was going to go down – it had bugs, it was not perfect for everyone (no browser is perfect for everyone), and it isn’t being promoted by Google at all (compared to FFs non-stop promotion and IE’s Windows ties).

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