Gizmodo – stung by iPhone, but (suddenly?) loved by Digg

2 Feb

When the mighty Apple announced its iPhone, Gizmodo got stung. Badly. While Engadget were busy liveblogging, Gizmodo seemed to be updating post by post. Or something like that. And they had promised to liveblog but never did.

The ouch was strong. Calcanis proudly proclaimed about how Engadget did 10 million pageviews and beat down Gizmodo. The graph on that page really tells it all – Gizmodo who?

But lately, in my (getting less frequent) visits to Digg, I have seen Gizmodo linked to more and more. A lot more. Even other Gawker sites like are getting a lot of link-love from Digg. Unfortunately Digg doesn’t let me search by URL, but searching for promoted stories with Gizmodo in it gets you this: clickedy here. Beyond 23 days ago (as of this post), Gizmodo would get dugg here and there. Suddenly on the day of the iPhone announcement, Gizmodo started getting dugg left and right.

The intensity has kept up.

The digg behaviour is questionable. There is the ‘obvious’ user Gizmodonoah (I do love the #1 story). More interesting is user BLONGO. Every single story dugg is a Gawker property, and not all are submitted by him (her?). Of course this leads to user BLAM8, who leads to user diskopo and Blakely, and the chain just repeats and repeats.

Do I have any proof that something is afoot? Nope. Do I find it odd that suddenly I see Gizmodo every day on Digg? Yep. I checked the last 10 pages of promoted (tech) stories with Digg – there were six Gizmodo stories. Two in the last 24 hours. Six in the last three days. Of the six I noticed, all six were submitted by six ‘different’ people, and four of them had a story as #1.

Incidentally, when I looked up pages 90-101, I found one story for Gizmodo.

I’m just pointing out the facts – you can make your own conclusions.

UPDATED February 4, 2007 – Evidently I am blind as a bat. engtech pointed out you can search by url – clicky here. 50 promoted stories in the last 25 days (roughly the announcement of the iPhone). 19 stories promoted in the 25 days before that. 32 in the 25 days before that. Evidently Gizmodo’s staff is kicking ass … or something else is up.

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February 4th, 2007 at 7:56 pm


Tiago G

February 4th, 2007 at 8:25 pm

The same thing can be said about AOL/WIN/Engadget , here is more info:

I think all the big networks have a method of reaching digg because of how many “friends” digg their stories, even without reading its content or checking if it is a duplicated entry…



February 4th, 2007 at 10:54 pm

Aye I remember there was a big stink when WeblogsInc did it. Its odd no one has noticed Gizmodo’s high profile on Digg.