Geomas: We own the patent on local search

11 Jun

Wired has the story how Geomas is suing Verizon, claiming that they infringe patent No. 5,930,474, for an “Internet Organizer for Accessing Geographically and Topically Based Information.”

The repercussions (if Geomas wins) could be far-reaching into the local sphere –

The patent describes an internet search functionality in which users can locate a topic or business based on their location. If you’ve ever looked for a nearby doctor or plumber online using your ZIP code or city, according to Geomas, the site you used likely infringed upon the patent. “In a perfect world, we commercialize the technology and grab licensing fees,” said Jason Galanis, founder of Geomas, which was formerly called Yellowone Investments. “We aren’t necessarily looking to sue as our main business, but realistically I think that’s going to have to happen.”

Praized has a few more thoughts.

2 Responses to Geomas: We own the patent on local search



June 12th, 2007 at 1:19 am

I want to patent the process of invention, so that the world can no longer advance unless they pay me first. Then I want to patent patenting so anyone else who comes up with an idea like mine will pay me first. Then I want to patent money, so whoever uses it has to pay me first. Then I will burn all the money and we will have to barter using rocks.



June 18th, 2007 at 1:19 pm

andre is right