Experience can be vastly underrated

12 May

One of my favorite stories goes like so:

A company was struggling to fix one of their machines. They had wasted quite a lot of time before bringing in an expert.

The expert looked around for a few minutes, took out a screw from his toolkit, screwed it in, and voila – the machine started to work flawlessly.

When the company received the bill a few days later, they were astounded – $50000! Asking for an itemized breakdown, they received:

$3 for screw, $49,997 for knowing where to put the screw

This is one of my favorite stories to tell. Too many people put value in the hours that are put in, totally discounting the amount of experience that lays as the foundation of those hours.

Way back in the day, I used to do SEO for HostGator.com (fun fact: I actually provided Brett with his initial seed funding for HG when I bought a website of his back in Dec 2002). He paid me a large amount, and in return I got him results (he was top 5 for “web hosting” “reseller hosting” and “dedicated server(s)”). The results ended up speaking for themselves, but he wasn’t paying me because he knew I was putting in 35.6 hours per month or because I gave him a fancy report that had colorful graphics.

He paid me because of my heavy experience in the marketplace. He paid me because he knew that I knew what I was doing.

In return, my (expensive) experience turned out really well for him… he made far more while he focused on the business itself.

Stop focusing on things you have no experience in. Find someone who does and empower that person to help you.

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