Examine.com: A Million Dollar Organization

12 Nov

Three months ago, Examine.com was sitting at above $700,000 in revenue.

With the recent launch of the Examine.com Research Digest (ERD), Examine.com is now a million dollar business. And cash-flow positive to boot.

I already covered the basics steps of what made us stand out. But you know what ERD was? It was us doubling down on what we do best – take nutrition research and make it accessible.

That’s the core of our mission. It just so happens that our focus has been on supplementation and nutrition, but if someone was to ask – “What is the problem you solve?” – the answer: “We break the ivory tower of academia”

It should be noted that by focusing on what we do best has done wonders for our traffic. We’re now at roughly 25,000 visitors per day – and we rely on no single source. We get a ton of traffic from Google. From Facebook/social media. From other websites. By making ourselves useful, we’ve gone a long way in shielding ourselves from relying on one source.

And speaking of relying on a source – I had previously posted how roughly 25% of our revenue for our Supplement-Goals Reference came from our affiliates. For ERD? Less than 10%.

It should be noted that none of this would have been possible without a fantastic team. I make talent/outlook my #1 concern – salary we can always figure out (part-time, equity, public speaking, whatever). This has then directly contributed to the quality of what we present, which has in-turn directly contributed to the amazing support we’ve had. That then generates more revenue, and it’s a nice cycle that continues on.

There are other lessons to be shared here. For now, we’re all happy that we’re making a dent in the cesspool of misinformation that is nutrition online.

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