Dr. Oz: this is too funny not to mention

27 May

Over on Dr. Oz’s blog, a post went up late last week titled: You Wanted to Know: Sweeteners. For those that follow Examine.com, you know that our viewpoint is that sweeteners are fine for you (note: just because something is not “bad” does not mean it’s good – it simply is neutral).

I’m used to reading sensationalism when it comes to stuff like this, but for once, Dr. Oz linked to a study as his proof that sweeteners cause cancer: Artificial sweeteners and cancer risk in a network of case–control studies.

What makes this blog-worthy is that the actual conclusion from the paper:

In conclusion, therefore, this study provides no evidence that saccharin or other sweeteners (mainly aspartame) increase the risk of cancer at several common sites in humans.

How is that not hilarious? “Sweeteners cause cancer; here is my proof, which by the way, says the exact opposite”

I commented on the blog post on how the study directly contradicted what he claimed. It was at 20+ likes by the time it was removed.

Talk about willfully sticking your head into the sand.

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