Damn I move a lot.

31 Jul

Almost 3 years ago I left Toronto. In the ensuing time I’ve lived in four different cities, seven different addresses, and have generally experienced stuff I could not have imagined 3 years ago.

I returned to Toronto a shade over two months ago, moved into an apartment, did not renew in time (some guy rented it under me 24 hours before I found time to go to the bank), and today finally moved into an apartment. I have not stayed at one permanent address for over 11 months since 2000 – my last year of high school. I’m looking forward to being at this place for at least 12 months :)

That much is almost guaranteed. Six months ago I badly injured my knee – I had partially torn my ACL (the main ligament inside your knee) in 2000, and I presumed I had simply re-injured it. I finally got it MRIed last month and found out that not only did I fully tear my ACL, but I cracked both meniscii to boot. My surgical consult is next week, but I will likely need two surgeries – the first one to fix my meniscii, and then another one a month later to do the ACL reconstruction. This will be followed by 9-12 months of fun-times rehab.

How does all this relate here? It explains most of my missingness – I’ve spent more time working out, walking around, reading, and pretty much preparing myself for the grueling after-surgery life (which will basically stick me indoors) by spending as little time as indoors as possible.

Along the way I’ve also evolved a bit more on my mindset in local search … but that is for another post.

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August 5th, 2009 at 9:05 am

Glad to have you back in TO. Good luck with surgery and post-op.