Conference Badge Stupidity

5 Apr

I constantly run into an obviously stupid design element – the lanyard.

Too often you see someone and you have no clue what their name is or who they work for because their damn name tag has flipped around. The two solutions are: 1) Ensure the name tag doesn’t flip around [impossible] or 2) Have the name on both sides of the damn lanyard [the stupidly obvious solution].

It absolutely stuns me how an obvious $5 solution (double sided plastic, or just tape the damn name on the other side) eludes the otherwise-brilliant people who run some of these conferences.

Come on organizers …

1 Response to Conference Badge Stupidity


Dave Helmreich

April 7th, 2008 at 11:24 am

Happens to me all the time – but at the last two IAB conferences, they are now printing double sided badges and using clear plastic.

Works perfectly.