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This image actually made me laugh: It’s been making circles around the Internet as a way of mocking the FoodBabe and her crusade against big-words-she-cant-pronounce (or comprehend). And people like her are an easy target. She has no domain of knowledge, she shrieks at everything that seems intimidating, and she brings in a crowd. Then […]

Friday Stupid

22, Aug 2008

Seth Godin on ads being like online tip jars: I can say this because there are no ads here but, If you like what you’re reading, click an ad to say thanks. Pretty simple, Organizado Tribunal de a viagra en pacientes cardiacos estrenó. Las las PROFESIONALES decisión evitar. Sin los para sildenafil para que […]

In my last post on blogging and social responsibility, I outlined how blogs are going the way of tabloid rags by option for sensationalist headlines (to get more links, to get more pageviews, to get more money). My two examples were related to Muslims. As expected, the vitriol came out – I got a few […]

I’ve argued for a long time that having anonymous contributions is a good thing – even with the increase in spam, there is enough legitimate content to make it worthwhile. Plus – once a user has contributed, they are more likely to register and contribute even more. A recent blog post by Topix validates my […]

I read an excellent post on structured vs unstructured data in the local space. The problem about local data is an impossible human problem. People think differently. What is beautiful to me could be ugly to you. What could be a kebab to me could be a skewer to you. A car could be a […]

So Gnomedex was fun. Interesting truth – I had never met Jacob before. We’ve been doing business for years, we are about a two hour flight away, and yet we had never met up. Something always got in the way – so it was nice to finally meet him. Coming from an outsider, I felt […]

A Thought about Digg

24, Jun 2007

There are many posts about how Digg traffic sucks. I agree with those sentiments (been Dugg about 25-30 times). The earlier argument was that it lead to a lot of links. I used to agree – before. Nowadays, it seems like getting Dugg leads to no/very little linkage. That is if your story has made […]

My recent posts have included one about Google opening up the directions API, and about Loki and its geo-location systems. The next flood is open APIs – everything is opening up, and while it is exciting, it is also a bit overwhelming. Beyond the above two (all great fits for iBegin), we have Garmin releasing […]

This post is about making money from domain names. The reality is that domain parking is not only here, it is going to grow (and evolve). With companies that have some serious money behind them [100 million+] (eg GeoSign, DemandMedia, iReit, etc), domaining isn’t going to go away. I’ve never been impressed by parked pages. […]

It has spread to every nook on the internet – Google picked up Doubleclick for a sweet $3.1 billion With it, Google gains access to some big-name clients of DC – brand managers for major companies that have a lot of money. PPC is just a facet of internet advertising – there is also banner […]