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I tend to subscribe to every local-oriented website blog. One I subscribed to way back was Burrp, a site that started off as a restaurant review website for India (in one city at that time). Since then they expanded to include TV listings, and more. Their realization was pretty simple – people everywhere want better […]

On my way to Argentina, I read an article in the airplane magazine about two guys who had created a restaurant review website for Buenos Aires. Their website – Oleo – is a pretty decent website. Yet it is the only website I have found for restaurants in Buenos Aires. Hell – in the US […]

Drilling Down on Local 2008 starts tomorrow, and if you are coming, be sure to come say hi to us at our booth. Always happy to meet people who read this blog and/or follow iBegin. I would have posted this a while ago, but I was hit with a stomach bug/fever like I’ve never been […]

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3, May 2007

Since my last post on our all out assault on local, it seems like I’ve gone AWOL. Alas, between a quick trip to Houston and focusing on such said assault, it is hard to get a break. Stuck staring at a computer screen for upto 16 hours a day, spending even more time makes me […]

I have a long history with topsites. My first ‘big’ site (over 5,000 uniques a day) was Game Sites 200. It was an absolute juggernaut when it came to top lists – just look at these stats. When I sold it a while ago, it was getting over 100,000 unique visitors a day, and its […]