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Not too shabby. Over $100 from the Toronto Chocolate Chip Cookie Off. Another $10,000+ by organizing dinners for entrepreneurs. Interested to see how 2019 does…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on (four months or so), and quite a lot has happened since then. To say we’ve aggressively expanded would be a slight understatement. The Supplement-Goals Reference Guide has (and continues to) sell like gangbusters, which has given us a pool for funding continued aggressive expansion. […]

Over on Dr. Oz’s blog, a post went up late last week titled: You Wanted to Know: Sweeteners. For those that follow, you know that our viewpoint is that sweeteners are fine for you (note: just because something is not “bad” does not mean it’s good – it simply is neutral). I’m used to […]

So this past week, Kurtis and I got an article published on TNation, titled New Uses for Creatine. We basically summed up some 101 on creatine (it works, it’s safe), and then talked about interesting research being done using it (neurological, cell-saving, etc). Being the webdev engineer that I am, afterwards I thought – how […]

“Confirm X action?” A quick little complaint, but confirming every single action (particularly during deletions) is a slow and cumbersome UI approach. The smarter approach is to let the user do it, but then let them undo it. Is it more work for the developer? Yeah. Does it make your application that much more useful? […]

Broken Contact Page

17, Aug 2011

Oops. Seems like my contact page has been broken for … forever. So if you wanted to contact me, do so now.

LeanGains FAQ

27, Jul 2011

As an update to my post on weight loss not being just about the number, I’ve created a LeanGains FAQ, a quick and easy summary of the LeanGains protocol I’m on. I’ve gone from ~35% body fat to ~12%. I should hit 9% in the next 6 weeks. I’ll post comparison pictures when I finally […]

Damn I move a lot.

31, Jul 2009

Almost 3 years ago I left Toronto. In the ensuing time I’ve lived in four different cities, seven different addresses, and have generally experienced stuff I could not have imagined 3 years ago. I returned to Toronto a shade over two months ago, moved into an apartment, did not renew in time (some guy rented […]

A while ago Alexa updated the stats that they display – with a heavy dose of keywords, upstream/downstream, and demographic on each site. While responding to an email about where traffic comes from, I did a bit of digging – According to Alexa, gets 40% of its traffic from Google. Yelp clocks in […]

Ahh, when only one thing matters. i want candy video