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An 8 thingies Meme

6, Jun 2007

I’m only doing this because I find Aaron and his so interesting I’m gonna partially cheat and pull out five from my about page: I’ve spent an average of 16 months in any one residence. Shortest was roughly 3 months, longest was roughly four years. I created a sponsorship at the University of Toronto […]

This is post #100. A total of 293 comments, and 2,304 spam comments. 211 subscribers. Just a status update.

None of my sites have broken this mark, so it feels good. From my previous post on why Google is #1, that same site has been hit 100k times in one day:

Easy explanation: Its indexing is faster and smarter Case in point: tracking spider hits for a PR7 site with 1+ million pages: Just compare those numbers. Yahoo! has over 5000 links to the index page – and yet it can’t even crawl 100 pages in a day? That’s only half the story. How about the […]

I just wanted to point this out … I keep seeing those damn ads where they talk about how they spend 10000 engineering hours to improve the best-in-class-awesome-towing-capacity-insane-fuel-efficiency truck. But is it all that impressive? Based on 40 hours a week, the average employee (working at 50 weeks a year) works for 2000 hours. So […]

Google has changed its logo for St. Patrick’s Day. I was struck by the #1 site. I was especially struck by their Alexa graph (click for full size): Incidentally the spike is getting higher every year – is their site simply ranking higher, and/or is Google just becoming more powerful?