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I’ve argued for a long time that having anonymous contributions is a good thing – even with the increase in spam, there is enough legitimate content to make it worthwhile. Plus – once a user has contributed, they are more likely to register and contribute even more. A recent blog post by Topix validates my […]

A Few Milestones

16, Jan 2008

1. The previous record we had for # of pages crawled (for one site) by Google was roughly 430k. In the last 2 weeks we had one site that had over 500,000 pages hit by Googlebot. In 24 hours. Needless to say the server was a bit hot 2. I seem to be getting married […]

- Little discussion on authority SEO. The owner of the site I mentioned found this site. – I talked to a company that services SMBs today about publishing the data they have on iBegin Source. The pitch is simple – they provide us with the data, and we help their advertisers get more exposure. The […]

Interesting – just read about this in the Wall Street Journal – IAC (owners of Citysearch are looking to split the company into 5 separate parts. For those that don’t have a subscription, the five parts will be: IAC –, Citysearch, IAC Advertising Solutions, Evite, iWon, My Way,; CollegeHumor, GarageGames, HSN – […]

One of the first things I was taught in Discrete Math in university was that just because b happens after a does not mean a caused b. So when I saw Matt trumpeting that by removing sponsored themes, he had saved newbie bloggers – I shook my head. Countless blogs could have been penalized just […]

What is going on – the results seem uncharacteristically out of date. Yesterday we hit Digg’s frontpage, and got at least a dozen blogs with PR1+ linking to it. And what does Blog Search see? nothing since August 10. Rather odd.

Concentrated Effort

24, Oct 2007

When I first launched this blog, I made a concentrated effort to blog daily. Whatever it was, some tech stuff had to be mentioned. Along the way I got side tracked and got too ‘busy’ for this blog. So while I still posted occasionally, it lost the luster it had originally. Lately I’ve got two […]

And nothing says web 3.0 like a trademark. Found this little nugget on a post about Nevermind the selective positive reviews – web 3.0? For all of the naming garbage that is web 2.0 and web 3.0, arguably web 3.0 is about relationships and connections – semantic knowledge (meta data) from underlying information. The […]

500+ Comments

25, Jun 2007

We just had our 500th (now a total of 501) comments from 162 posts (including filler ones by me). Just wanted to thank the readers for making this an two-way conversation – not me just spouting out inanity. I’ll update this post later (in the middle of a business deal) with some of the more […]

A side project we did a long-long time ago was Local Moa – a very simple New Zealand local-search. We haven’t updated it since day one (we will definitely be re-visiting it sometime soon). What is interesting is that the # of contacts has gone up, and today alone we received four. Traffic has gone […]