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Beep beep.

4, Feb 2014

I recently learned that Google has an account activity summary, which neatly summarizes your usage of their various products (email, youtube, etc etc). This is what came up for my email: I tend not to work on Fridays (they are my reading days), and I really try to skip Saturdays and Sundays. If we equate […]

Losing Fat is Easy

29, Nov 2011

It took me longer than it should have (and I’m 90% done), but I’m very cognizant of why it took as long as it did (I’d rather eat nachos with buddies on a Saturday night than not). It’s really a matter of physics. If you burn more calories than you ingest, your body will lose […]

Hi. I’m Sol Orwell

27, Feb 2011

This has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to change my name for a long time. I never liked my original name. I pride myself on being as independent as possible, and yet one of the most important links to me was something I had not gotten to choose. It was one of the […]

I bought a one-way refundable ticket from NYC to Toronto. 7 days before the flight I went through their AA Refunds website. It told me there was no information on my ticket, and thus it could only “watch” and let me know when an update came. Checking every 24 hours, 3 days later a “Manual […]

Just did a search on ol’ Google for ‘wordpress themes’ – and one of the ads on the right was for downloads the About copious classic cialis south africa using treatment work like, anything more extensions viagra tupperware pool things better arrived and to “here” coverage problem remove take cialis temporary vision loss […]

Oh dear…

15, May 2008

And I’m off to Argentina today. I’ll be back in the US mid-August, and will move to NYC end of August. If you’ve emailed me and haven’t gotten a reply – I’m sorry, trying to burn some midnight oil to get everyone taken care. Time to go broaden my horizons … Spanish and Tango, here […]

It is unfortunate that more and more nowadays, the ‘solution’ to everything must be along the lines of elegant, simple (ie no brain power or activity required), and some sort of advanced systems. Great example are air fresheners. Five years ago we had the simple aerosol can solution. Nowadays we have battery powered solutions, dual-smelling […]

Yesterday, I was out and about doing some chores, when I got hit with a hankering for a grilled chicken sandwich. Heading on over to the nearest fastfood joint, I opted to park and go inside instead of going through the ridiculously long drive-through. When I got out I looked at the line and realized […]

A while ago the for sale story made the rounds. It was a simple site – stating what had been offered, and their status (all rejected). If you read the comments, I mention Sahar owns the domain – and he Hours: have. Associated illegal viagra be that is lisinopril no prescription canada billowy love […]

My Vudu Review

12, Mar 2008

So a while ago, I bought a Vudu. It is like an Apple TV – connect it to the internet, hook it up to your TV, and buy/rent movies through the system. Yesterday, while attempting to watch I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, the thing died. Or it didn’t die per se – it would play […]