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Twitter's SEO Oopsie

10, Apr 2009

According to Google, has 61 million pages indexed Also according to Google, has 20 million pages indexed. Pages which are identical to normal pages. Oops. hellboy film picture

So Google now lets you control the max crawl rate through a nifty slider. While most sites start at a max-allowed rate of 0.5 pages/sec, I’ve been able to get a few sites to 10 pages/sec. I had some large sites that had pretty low max rates (eg 1 page/sec), and it took me some […]

So in my previous post I talked about one of my favorite companies – LDC. Next up is Yipit. But this isn’t just about how awesome Yipit is. No no – today they launched profile pages, and in the process, further convoluted their home page. So this post is about how I would look over […]

So I find out that has purchased (formerly operated by LiveDeal). But – what the hell are they doing with its SEO? They have essentially duplicated on – creating a duplicate content nightmare. On top of it, all of their previous links are now dead and go straight back to […]

I was looking at how Google was crawling a new website of ours (more on that later), I noticed that Google not only looked for favicon.ico but also favicon.gif. I should mention that in 4 days Google has looked for favicon about a dozen times, and keeps looking for it. Just so you know. the […]

No really: pages in Google. What I saw: the bridge on the river kwai movie desktop

The #3 site on Google UK for ‘ipod’ (and #1 if ‘UK only’ is ticked) is Beyond the decent name, the question is – how do they get there? Good ol Yahoo Site Explorer reveals all. It seems like the good people at decided that they needed authority. They also realized that getting […]