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Jangled Mind

19, Jun 2008

I have 21 drafts – from DDL:08 to to 19 others in between. From early January 2007 to yesterday. So much to say, so little time to articulate it … man to man movie

How things turn eh? I read about adding reviews, and I thought to myself – “is it really that important?” I look back to my experiences when trying to find something. Be it a doctor, lawyer, or a restaurant – the only time I have ever given a damn about reviews is for restaurants. […]

DDL:08 was a good experience for us – it was the first time we ever had a booth (though we have sponsored other events), and it was a good experience (more on that later). Right now though I want to point out to a bonafide ass. Part of our sponsorship was us sponsoring a Cyber […]

I constantly run into an obviously stupid design element – the lanyard. Too often you see someone and you have no clue what their name is or who they work for because their damn name tag has flipped around. The two solutions are: 1) Ensure the name tag doesn’t flip around [impossible] or 2) Have […]

I read the latest post on TechCrunch re – Fitna, and could only shake my head. I am the product of many countries. My grandparents/parents were all from Kashmir, the piece of land that India and Pakistan have gone to war over. Before I settled in Canada, I had the pleasure of living in half […]

Oh UPS …

18, Jan 2008

So I had two packages to be delivered today, and one tomorrow – all three by UPS. The one by ground got here just fine. It was ETAed to arrive on Monday, but got Thursday. The one that was sent by one day shipping – the idiot driver claimed my address didn’t exist. Of course […]

Things will tighten. While the USD seems to have stopped its freefall (3 months ago it was 1 USD = 0.98 CAD, now its upto 1.02), year over year it got brutally hurt. With high oil prices finally start to affect consumer behaviour, and the housing market meltdown creating a huge gap in people’s spending […]

Forced Localization

10, Jan 2008

So I’m back – spent 2 weeks in Colombia (the country). I went there for a wedding – my friend’s mother owns a beach-house there, and 15 of us crammed into that place. Not that I’m complaining – all the hotels there were $300+ per night, and the house was literally 10 seconds away from […] vs

23, Dec 2007

I’ve never understood why Microsoft decided to brand its next-generation online tools under, and not I mean – ‘Start’ is already what so many users do when using Windows – it is the gateway to all the applications on their computer. It also has a very nice sense of it – = […]

Some Wii Lameness

18, Dec 2007

I like my Wii. I got it on the day it came out – I lucked out and arrived at Kmart roughly an hour early. Two kids (+mom) had camped the night, and with three Wiis for sale – I got quite lucky. So I’ve been following with certain interest as the hypemeter on the […]