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Amazon has a bunch of country-specific sites – .com for the US, for the UK, .ca for Canada, etc. What I don’t understand is why they don’t merge reviews across the domains (especially RE: books). You can literally just change the .ca or to .com in the URL and it loads the US […]

A while ago (really, a while ago) I pointed out GenieKnows and how they were hiding links in blog comments using a smile emoticon. So yesterday I ran into some news about how they had relaunched, were doing a lot of traffic, and so Change of chapstick with to! Which Actually other inside months […]

Integrating Facebook & Twitter logins on your site are not newsworthy. I’m looking at you every single local site out there. commando movie full movie

I’ve been talking about shifting away from local search to local – and it boggles my mind how wasteful local is. My favorite example are blogs for businesses. Say I like Cafe X nearby. They have a blog (or even a website). They realize that getting their information is a good idea – and so […]


6, Jul 2009

One of the things I enjoy about Canada is that our reliance on the SIN is far less than the US and SSN. Applying for a place to live? No SIN required. Cell phone? No SIN required. Bank? No SIN required. Etc etc. In the US, the SSN is almost considered your ‘password’ – name, […]

So in my previous post I talked about one of my favorite companies – LDC. Next up is Yipit. But this isn’t just about how awesome Yipit is. No no – today they launched profile pages, and in the process, further convoluted their home page. So this post is about how I would look over […]

Every time I run into another blog post that trumpets on how Chrome’s market share is down … I just shake my head at how people are confusing common sense with deep analytics. First off, Google Chrome was a big announcement. Here was the fabled GBrowser (speaking of which, goes nowhere). And what was […]

As faithful readers know, I’ve been working around the clock non-stop for the past few weeks. I was supposed to meet someone for lunch yesterday, but was so exhausted I had to take a raincheck and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. Meanwhile there was the Traffic Conference going on across the bridge in […]

Why do sites insist on having you put in your password twice? So what if a person types it in wrong? Looking at it in another way – what is the probability a person types it in wrong? 1%? 5%? Lets even say 5% … so why make 95% of the users suffer and make […]

What is up with all these blogs that think they are some amazing community and feel the need to put up some forum and/or other hard-work-required community hangouts? I was going through some popular blogs today, and about a quarter had a link to a ‘Forum.’ Odd I thought – I thought the attraction was […]