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We can all agree that your network is a critical part of your success. Be it from introductions to people you can work with, to guest posts on influential websites, to just soaking up knowledge from experience and theory, your network is one of the greatest tools you can have. Yet just as people obsess […]

I’m a big fan of playing to your strengths. For me – that’s finding something interesting, iterating, building it, and moving on. For others, it’s really diving deep into a singular topic. For others, its programming solutions. We all have our skills (which you do have to nurture, but that’s for another day). One common […]

Something that has always baffled me is how big people’s egos get. And this is true in every industry I’ve ever been in – from online gaming to domains to local search to daily deals to fitness/health now. Somehow there are people in this world who think making $10,000 a month or having 50,000 FB […]

I recently finished reading The Art of Learning, and greatly enjoyed it. While I’ve always been pretty strong on the technical aspects of learning (eg precision practice, codifying routines, etc), my mental prowess when it comes to learning new things is one of my weaker points. As I’ve also backed off more and more from […]

Backstory: John Meadows posted on Facebook how fitness model Jaco de Bruyn ripped off his workout program. Jaco de Bruyn then posted admitting he ripped it off, and came to a business agreement with John. Some time after that, Jaco backed out. How the story unfolds, I don’t know. I can vouch that John Meadows […]

I’ve been interviewed quite a few times on a variety of podcasts and websites, and when asked about my workflow, my rough answer: I work 4 days a week. Each of those days I: work 2 hours, 1 hour break, work 1 hour, break/nap 30 minutes, 1 hour work, done for the day. I get […]

Beep beep.

4, Feb 2014

I recently learned that Google has an account activity summary, which neatly summarizes your usage of their various products (email, youtube, etc etc). This is what came up for my email: I tend not to work on Fridays (they are my reading days), and I really try to skip Saturdays and Sundays. If we equate […] continues to grow, and is slowly becoming the juggernaut I always wanted it to be. The reality though is that none of this was happenstance. It’s been two years of solid grinding – reading, writing, editing, connecting, responding to emails asap, etc. I’m retired, but every day, from roughly 10am to 4pm, with a […]

Google is your God

2, Nov 2011

Aaron from SEO Book has been talking about this for a long time – Google has been slowly but methodically using its monopoly to destroy entire internet niches. I noticed the other day while searching for ‘what is my ip’ that Google now directly responds to the IP. Check out’s traffic: For the past […]

For the past few years, the latest rage seems to be blogging/tweeting about weight loss. Somehow people have convinced themselves that declaring their plans publicly will make it happen. I won’t get into that (there are enough scientific studies that show the opposite happens), but what gets to me is the complete focus on an […]