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Phone Verification

2, Dec 2008

So as we continue to do quite a few verification phone calls every day, people tend to mess up. Human nature. Recently I have gotten to thinking – Google has you enter a four digit PIN, and for whatever reason that popped in our head, we all agreed that a four digit PIN was good. […]

But as more and more information goes on, being part of the conversation truly becomes very important. I am now on Twitter, and it will include even more inane-ness that springs to mind. hi-def quality wag the dog

The recession (and possibly depression) we are barreling into has me both very optimistic and slightly concerned. To get it out of the way – my concern is more broad than just ‘we are heading into a depression.’ The amount of corruption and cronyism everywhere is mind-boggling – as more and more details come out […]

So What's New?

11, Nov 2008

I’m a sour puss that’s what As things have melted around in general (ala economy), and some of that bubbling enthusiasm has started to pop (finally), we’ve been sitting here, thinking and doing. The Thinking: what is local about? I really soured on user reviews a while ago, and as I explore restaurants in NYC, […]

Whew I am tired

23, Sep 2008

Tomorrow heralds the launch of the newest version of Nothing changes superficially – but internally it pushes live 8 months of complete re-write from the ground-up. We’ve learned a lot in the 2+ years before the re-write started, and the new base will allow us to do more. A lot more masters of the […]

iBegin Labs …

27, Aug 2008

So a few people have asked me … we ‘released’ iBegin Labs over 4 months ago, yet outside of this blog and the iBegin Blog we have never mentioned it. The thing is that we have a lot of stuff that we are working, testing, and experimenting with. As I alluded to in my earlier […]

Over the years, I think I’ve had at least 200 web designs built for me. And while the actual visual element of the design has never been too hard to nail down, the internal HTML can be so messy at times that it absolutely drives me nuts. It seems like every time I use someone […]

And I’m back

7, Aug 2008

Whew – who knew Argentina was so big and had so much to offer! In the last month I was in: Colonia – the only UNESCO site in Uruguay, and very cute settler town on the beach Peninsula Valdes – there to see whales and elephant seals (the south-right whales literally come upto your boat […]

I just did a quick post at Domain Name News on how none of the ‘top’ Canadian startups actually use a .ca domain (or even an expensive ‘generic’ domain). And ooh looky, iBegin clocks in at #6 according to ComScore.

Greg Sterling loves coupons (or at least loves to talk about them :)). Many other analysts and writers in the local space also talk about coupons a lot. Not to be snobbish, but I’ve never really cared for coupons. Yeah I will use one occasionally, but rarely do I go hunting and looking out for […]