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Revenue in’s first 2.5 years of existence: ~$10,000 Revenue in the past year: $700,000 I’ll likely write more about this later, but the basic steps were (this post was inspired by Adam Bornstein’s post on top 5 ways you’ve known you made it): I harnessed my career capital (knowledge in building up websites). Conversely, […]

One of my favorite stories goes like so: A company was struggling to fix one of their machines. They had wasted quite a lot of time before bringing in an expert. The expert looked around for a few minutes, took out a screw from his toolkit, screwed it in, and voila – the machine started […]

Keeping this short and sweet – if you run a professional organization, you need to measure and track. And not only that, you need to know why you are tracking and how it helps you. This past weekend, (Dr) Spencer Nadolsky was up here in Canada (fact: Canada >>> USA), and we were hanging out […]

Beep beep.

4, Feb 2014

I recently learned that Google has an account activity summary, which neatly summarizes your usage of their various products (email, youtube, etc etc). This is what came up for my email: I tend not to work on Fridays (they are my reading days), and I really try to skip Saturdays and Sundays. If we equate […]

So we’ve had a fun 3 weeks. Our S-G Reference keeps selling, our traffic keeps growing, and things look good. My biggest fear is that we forget that while we know stuff, there is a lot more we don’t know. A nice problem to have. But not why I’m posting. I’m posting here to expand […] continues to grow, and is slowly becoming the juggernaut I always wanted it to be. The reality though is that none of this was happenstance. It’s been two years of solid grinding – reading, writing, editing, connecting, responding to emails asap, etc. I’m retired, but every day, from roughly 10am to 4pm, with a […]

I don’t have much to say on this, except Alexis Madrigal did a great job putting what I’ve been thinking (for a while) into words: Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong. We often become so obsessed with metrics that we forget that, akin to advertising in the “real world,” we […]

Apple & Mapping

14, Jun 2012

Mike Dobson does a great job talking about the many challenges Apple is about to face with their new mapping system. The one part I disagree with Mike is the impetus that is driving Apple into this. Beyond the brand, beyond it making sense for Google (with the integration into local search), Apple’s new payment […]

Google is your God

2, Nov 2011

Aaron from SEO Book has been talking about this for a long time – Google has been slowly but methodically using its monopoly to destroy entire internet niches. I noticed the other day while searching for ‘what is my ip’ that Google now directly responds to the IP. Check out’s traffic: For the past […]


15, Mar 2011

Yesterday I was flying back to Toronto from Panama, and had to go through Miami. Due to my fantastic luck, I keep getting chosen at ‘random’ for extra security. This time they went all out, detaining me for almost 4 hours, which led to a lost flight, which led to me having to get to […]