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Head on over to to see my latest musings on entrepreneurship, productivity, and more. Also, looking over what people are looking for around my name (always a bit of an odd feeling), for more info: About Sol Orwell Sol Orwell’s net worth Sol Orwell and his Facebook page Sol Orwell on Forbes Sol Orwell’s […]

If you’re here to follow my musings on business/entrepreneurship, go head on over to It’s where I talk about that kind of stuff now. And be sure to subscribe. I’ll likely keep this blog around as a place for me to vent and write essays I’ll likely never hit publish on So yeah – […]

We can all agree that your network is a critical part of your success. Be it from introductions to people you can work with, to guest posts on influential websites, to just soaking up knowledge from experience and theory, your network is one of the greatest tools you can have. Yet just as people obsess […]

Next month, it will have been four years since I helped co-found A pretty simple idea (“Lets look at the actual evidence behind supplements and nutrition), it’s evolved into something a lot bigger – 30,000+ visitors a day, a monthly research digest, and generating over a million dollars a year. Over 1500 professionals rely […]

Three months ago, was sitting at above $700,000 in revenue. With the recent launch of the Research Digest (ERD), is now a million dollar business. And cash-flow positive to boot. I already covered the basics steps of what made us stand out. But you know what ERD was? It was us doubling […]

To-Doned list

16, Sep 2014

Tasks and todo lists – everyone talks about them. The satisfaction of crossing something off. Their never-ending nature. I love todo lists. And not because they keep me organized or because of the satisfaction of crossing them out. Nope. I love todo lists because I save everything I did get done and keep it on […]

Well this was convenient happenstance. Men’s Fitness released their list on The Game Changers of 2014. Amongst that varied list, which included juggernauts such as Stephen Colbert (I love that guy), Pharrell, Stephen Curry (I love the NBA), was … me! Sol Orwell, “The Educator”. First off – what an honor. I had originally thought […]

Over the past month or so, I’ve read The Console Wars (about Nintendo vs Sega) and Marvel Comics: The Untold Story (how Marvel got started). A common thread between them is that the best thing to focus on was the product itself. For the consoles, it was “the name of the game is the game” […]

I’ve been interviewed quite a few times on a variety of podcasts and websites, and when asked about my workflow, my rough answer: I work 4 days a week. Each of those days I: work 2 hours, 1 hour break, work 1 hour, break/nap 30 minutes, 1 hour work, done for the day. I get […]

But we all already know that right? I just finished reading Ryan Holiday‘s book – Trust me, I’m Lying. In some ways, it reminded me of the things I used to do in the early 2000s when it came to MMOs, but that’s for another day. The book was basically two books in one – […]