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I’m a big fan of playing to your strengths. For me – that’s finding something interesting, iterating, building it, and moving on. For others, it’s really diving deep into a singular topic. For others, its programming solutions. We all have our skills (which you do have to nurture, but that’s for another day). One common […]

Apple & Mapping

14, Jun 2012

Mike Dobson does a great job talking about the many challenges Apple is about to face with their new mapping system. The one part I disagree with Mike is the impetus that is driving Apple into this. Beyond the brand, beyond it making sense for Google (with the integration into local search), Apple’s new payment […]

Fantastic blog post by Mike Dobson on Tele Atlas and how they are accruing datapoints from people using their (Tom Tom) GPS devices.

LBS, aka location-based service, just sold for a cool $33,001. The new owner is hiding behind privacy, but I wonder if a local mobile site is on its way. download hack! film in hd quality

Pixel art movable map of Beijing. Plus hover over any building and you get its name. Where is the NYC-equivalent? UPDATE: A New York version – but I really question their alignment of up/down on the screen. download whole you kill me movie

Nice little story on how Neal used the internet to save himself ~$250. What kind of stood out to me though – Neal used Repair Pal to find out how much a new starter would cost – he really used to the site for research purposes, not for the actual transaction. So they helped him […]

Local Search vs Local

5, Aug 2009

I’ve changed my tune before – particularly that reviews are overrated and recommendations are the future. But even more importantly – I’m realizing that the problem is that we are focusing too much on local ‘search’ and too little on ‘local’ itself. A while ago I was at the GeoDomain Expo 2009 in San Diego. […]

Because Mike has you covered. I have no clue why Google doesn’t try to formalize a relationship with this guy – nobody knows and understands Google Maps better than him. the hitcher film hd part

Heatmaps – Tough

1, Mar 2009

I’ve been lately working on trying to generate heatmaps from an assortment of data. To say it has been tough is an understatement – I have tried Python, PHP, and Ruby libs/classes, and all have been too slow, too weak, and/or plain ugly (high peak is red, not blue nor fire-colored). In the case of […]

I’ve come to an epiphany lately. It may seem obvious, but it truly changes the way you perceive things. The truth is that everything is local. Think about it – what is synonymous with the internet? Sex. Travel. Weather. News. Sports. They are all download of pirates of the caribbean: at world’s end movie very […]