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We get all sorts of legal threats and what not. The latest one (in a long line of bizarre ones) comes from Yet another web hosting company out there (with what has to be one of the ugliest designs out there) sent us a nice little letter threatening to sue us. It was boilerplate: […]

After a regular search, I noticed an SU icon next to every single search result (odd). Clicking on it, I was met with the following (click for fullsize): Good stuff – they are down, and they will be back up at 8pm. But wait – 8pm where? It was plausible that StumbleUpon is doing some […]

Why startpages suck ..

17, Feb 2007

Continuing from my earlier discussion on why startpages are so important. The problem with the current corp of startpages is they are too damn confusing I just headed on over to Netvibes and it made my head throb. There are so many potential choices it made my head spin. Modules, feeds, six different searches (‘web […]

I keep hearing about how great and fantastic and wonderful Yahoo! Answers is. I have to ask – has any of the lauding pundits ever tested the site out? First off, a lot of the ‘questions’ on the site are not even questions – just random musings or inflammatory trolls. A real question? Quite a […]

If one were to believe geeky sites like Digg, Microsoft, the venerable tech-giant, and eBay, the poster-boy of making money on the internet are on their last legs. Any day now, they are going to be kicked over, to be acquired by fill in the blank here. The latest one is about how eBay is […]

Second Life this, Second Life that. I ran across the funny little parody Get a First Life when it was mentioned on TechCrunch. Parodies are a great way to get a point across, provided people understand that it is a parody (when I see people taking Colbert seriously as a right-wing ‘pundit’, I shake my […]

I get confused easily. I think its a personal character trait – I am rather accident prone, and have the oddest bruises at any given moment to prove it. I also have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Arrington. My initial qualm was the hype train he was on, only talking about this financing […]