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Me and the missus were at the local Target today, looking for some odd and misc stuff. We circled the entire store before we came across something we were looking for – full-length mirrors. Wouldn’t it make sense for retail stores to have a little ‘search kiosk’ at the end of each aisle? Let me […]

Paid Reviews: 99% Crap

13, May 2007

We advertise quite a bit. Be it Adwords/Overture, or sponsoring sites (ie becoming the sole advertiser), newsletters, forums, etc – advertising is an important part of how we keep our profile up. I was quite excited when sponsored blog posts came out. Not the PayPerPost crap (it didn’t allow you to control who did the […]

In my previous post on hitting the 100,000 download mark, I also mentioned how it wasn’t getting any search engine love, even with all the links. Stefan Juhl and I had a little chit-chat going on in the comments, where Google does recognize 3000 pages, but thinks only 42 are unique enough to mention. […]

Some of our divisions are quite quiet, just slogging along, making money without making a peep. Case in point: Forum Templates. It just crossed the 100,000 downloads mark yesterday. It employs two people full time. This incidentally is the one site Google gives no love to. Just filed a reinclusion request, I think it is […]

Exhibit A: Hypocrisy

18, Apr 2007

Pretty simple. Matt complains about selling text links through WordPress to game search engines (he focuses on templates, but you know the gist of it). He does this on a blog that has the following links: * Donate your car * Online payday loans * Payday Loans * myspace layouts * Free web directory * […]

Technology and news

17, Apr 2007

I didn’t blog yesterday because of what happened in VT. People talk about hitting home, but this one really did. I remember running the business and going to university at the same time. University was far more stressful. Of course, my emotions melted away and turned to disgust after seeing shit like this. Technology can […]

Yep, I just cursed. I had written a post on how to monetize a DUGG site (basic idea: setup a new website, get it to the frontpage, re-sell). A few sites picked it up, including this post by Blog Herald. If you read the Blog Herald post, it adds a bit of analysis, but by-the-by, […]

I used to be quite snarky about ‘start-ups’ over at AJAX Review. I intended to do the same here, but somehow lost my way in between posting … So first up: Flock replies to Mozilla’s Co-op. For those that don’t know, Flock adds some ‘social-network’ features on top of FireFox (it is a complete separate […]

Ugh. I just read that VeriSign is increasing the base cost of .com domains 7%, from $6.00 to $6.42. Some background: A while ago, ICANN and VeriSign sued each over. In the settlement (as VeriSign has tons of cash, and ICANN doesn’t), ICANN agreed that VeriSign could continue to be the exclusive provider of .com/.net […]