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Well this was convenient happenstance. Men’s Fitness released their list on The Game Changers of 2014. Amongst that varied list, which included juggernauts such as Stephen Colbert (I love that guy), Pharrell, Stephen Curry (I love the NBA), was … me! Sol Orwell, “The Educator”. First off – what an honor. I had originally thought […]

Buzz word galore. I kept hearing (and even reading) about hormones like leptin and insulin, but I never really understood them. As I was sick last week, I finally took the time to read up on them. My notes are as follows (if anything is wrong, let me know). Leptin Leptin equates to a level […]

4 Hour Body Notes

10, Jan 2011

Tim Ferris has recently released his 4 Hour Body book. As is typical of me, I read it through for any cutting edge info I may be able to extract (and that could be backed up by some real science). Overall the book read very much like a bunch of random blog posts jammed together. […]