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Well this was convenient happenstance. Men’s Fitness released their list on The Game Changers of 2014. Amongst that varied list, which included juggernauts such as Stephen Colbert (I love that guy), Pharrell, Stephen Curry (I love the NBA), was … me! Sol Orwell, “The Educator”. First off – what an honor. I had originally thought […]

My Timing is Decent

10, Jun 2011

I was talking to a friend of mine about Examine when we both came to the conclusion that my timing (in general) seems to be pretty decent. Amongst other things, I: Pulled out of MMO/virtual currency just around when WoW came out. WoW became so big it spawned a ton of Chinese gold farmers that […]

I was recently talking to the Yipit team on why I have no desire to take funding – and part of it was that it took away my ability to try out new stuff. So to help out a friend, I’ve been playing around with the and its various API methods. When filing an […]

So in my previous post I talked about one of my favorite companies – LDC. Next up is Yipit. But this isn’t just about how awesome Yipit is. No no – today they launched profile pages, and in the process, further convoluted their home page. So this post is about how I would look over […]

In my previous post on Yipit, I briefly mentioned how they are one of my new ‘favorites’. I thought I might as well go over some of my favorite companies. LDC is a company I ran into about a year ago, and they are doing some amazing stuff up in the UK. Eschewing the model […]