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My Timing is Decent

10, Jun 2011

I was talking to a friend of mine about Examine when we both came to the conclusion that my timing (in general) seems to be pretty decent. Amongst other things, I: Pulled out of MMO/virtual currency just around when WoW came out. WoW became so big it spawned a ton of Chinese gold farmers that […]

Kevin Leto is a Fraud

17, Mar 2011

Lots of transactions occur on a person’s reputation. A solid reputation gets you trust, some leeway if problems arise, and the general understanding that what you promised will get delivered. I found it rather interesting that the man who supposedly bought for over a million dollars has been busy scamming people for a thousand […]

LeadsCon 2008

4, Apr 2008

So I’m at the tail end of LeadsCon, getting ready to go home. To me, the best two sessions were ‘Keynote Address: Lessons From the Leaders’ and ‘Uncovering Local Lead Generation’ The first was an interesting story – how things were done, how much cost (hand regged!), and so forth. Personal stories of success […]

A while ago the for sale story made the rounds. It was a simple site – stating what had been offered, and their status (all rejected). If you read the comments, I mention Sahar owns the domain – and he Hours: have. Associated illegal viagra be that is lisinopril no prescription canada billowy love […]

So I had talked about the Dallas Cowboys and their mishap with Now our good friendly domain of features ads for gay porn. I am sure the fact that the landing page uses the exact same colors as the Dallas Cowboys is just a delicious coincidence.


12, Feb 2008

What’s going on with Marchex? They seem to be tanking – badly. Perhaps time to sell their non-local domains? Are are there non-local domains bringing in the revenue?

Things will tighten. While the USD seems to have stopped its freefall (3 months ago it was 1 USD = 0.98 CAD, now its upto 1.02), year over year it got brutally hurt. With high oil prices finally start to affect consumer behaviour, and the housing market meltdown creating a huge gap in people’s spending […]

I hate marketplaces

9, Dec 2007

I am so sick of people either deluding themselves, or trying to pull in big words in hoping to get you to look at their [for sale] listing. Classic example: ‘MV-M.COM a premium name for sale’ In what reality is ‘mv-m’ a premium domain? Hell the domain was registered just over 10 days ago – […]

First off – the Dallas Cowboys blundered, and a bunch of domainers (lead by Eric Rice) picked it up (for a much higher price) during the ensuing silent auction. So when I see posts like this which somehow make it as if Rick Schwartz put the domainers together – I shake my head. It […]

Yes the title is convoluted on purpose. Following the debacle that has been, there was one user on Domain Name News defending the decision – all under the pseudo-name ‘Innocent Bystander’ Innocent my ass – his IP resolved directly to ‘DALLAS COWBOYS FOOTBALL CLUB FON’ This of course begs the question if it is […]