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BlogFlux v3.0

10, Apr 2008

So finally – after months and months of slogging, writing, re-writing, and whole lot of annoying, we get to release the latest version of Blog Flux. There were two main things we were targeting – bringing more cohesiveness to our separate ‘parts’, and to start building a proper community. With over 150,000 registered users, we […]

So I got back today – I made a little bit of a blunder and we left the airport … when the flight was leaving in an hour. So we rushed through, cut the lines everywhere, and had time to grab a coffee before we got onto the plane. I get home and Jacob from […]

During the middle of World Cup 2002 started, when Rivaldo was one of the hottest players, I remember reading about how he had gone from highly-criticized to much loved. Mind you, this face-clutching episode (read Wikipedia entry) was definitely one of the worst moments in soccer-acting, but that is another point. Rivaldo credited his resurgence […]

Continuing the series – it requires a fair bit of hardware to churn through the traffic we do deliver. We started off with the traditional one server setup – providing web, sql, DNS, mail, and what not all in one box. That worked for a while, but pretty soon we were running at capacity. Our […]

Continuing on from Bloggy Network: the series the first site I want to talk about is Blog Flux. As I had explained in my previous post, Blog Flux arose from the ashes of EatonWeb. What it did differently compared to all other directories was that it eschewed the traditional hierarchal structure, instead opting for a […]

Bloggy Network (the resultant of a merger) is now roughly 15 months old. It does roughly 4.5 million pageviews a month now, and should crack 5 million pageviews next month (growth is in fact accelerating, not tapering off). All organic without a dime of investment money. My next few posts are going to be about […]