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I have found the TechVibes Top Start-ups list entertaining, and while looking over all the stats Google is now sharing, thought how the top 10 would play out: Plenty of Fish 620 K 2.4% Metro Lyrics 560 K 2.2% Nexopia 430 K 1.7% Zip Local 220 K 0.9% Suite 101/td> 200 K 0.8% iBegin 180 […]

So it seems like Google is acquiring FeedBurner for a smooth $100 million. I like FeedBurner. They provide a useful function. Their support is fantastic. Even had the president email me when we had a few issues. The site exudes charm that is missing from most companies (including quite a few of ours, I will […]

Over the years, I’ve been a ‘fan’ of Google. I say that with hesitation – I’m not an unbridled fan that runs around saying how Google is the bestest ever. I simply try to take a step back, see what they are trying to do, and think it through. I’ve made many a snide comments […]

Ugh. I just read that VeriSign is increasing the base cost of .com domains 7%, from $6.00 to $6.42. Some background: A while ago, ICANN and VeriSign sued each over. In the settlement (as VeriSign has tons of cash, and ICANN doesn’t), ICANN agreed that VeriSign could continue to be the exclusive provider of .com/.net […]

We get all sorts of legal threats and what not. The latest one (in a long line of bizarre ones) comes from Yet another web hosting company out there (with what has to be one of the ugliest designs out there) sent us a nice little letter threatening to sue us. It was boilerplate: […]

Every day, I get more and more scared of Google. Not in the sense that they are going to suddenly remove me from their rankings, but by how much they shape the internet experience. A lot of people still think the Internet Explorer ‘e’ icon is the internet. A wizened reader (like you) knows that […]

Yahoo! is stalking me

6, Feb 2007

Looks like Yahoo watches references to their sites like a hawk. Just saw a hit from this URL: “” Thats right – you fix up your Yahoo! Sports.