Another local site completely ignored …

28 Jan
2008 Look at its numbers – estimated 3 million US visitors last month! Pretty close to, and well above of

The site in itself is quite simplistic. Take (what appears to be public) city data, condense it nicely, and put it up. We had done something similar roughly 3 years ago (and was around then too), but we never had as much data as they did. The site was getting roughly 10-15k uniques a day when we sold it off.

Interestingly, was also one of the few sites (back in the day) that had Wikipedia content and ranked for it.

The owner himself uses this same approach to great success elsewhere. His Web Hosting Ratings site used to be #1 for ‘web hosting’ on Google – but he seemed to have stopped updating it and it has slid a bit. He also owns, a site I believe he purchased. That site has 209 DMOZ listings and 57 Yahoo listings (it used to have well in the thousands of DMOZ listings – getting a listing for every single RFC it published). These other sites of his were used to spread authority and google juice to his website … which then took off and gained a lot of links. now has an astounding 1484 DMOZ listings, 1 Yahoo listing, and an insane 48,945 pages referencing that site on Wikipedia.

And don’t forget the forums – Threads: 203,075, Posts: 2,539,326, Members: 248,761

So there you have it. Another local-oriented site getting a lot of traffic, a lot of pull, a lot of stickiness (via its forum) … and being completely ignored by everyone in the local space.

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Sebastien Provencher

January 30th, 2008 at 5:12 pm


I tried reaching out to them to do an interview for the Praized blog after I saw this ComScore release ( in December but they never got back to me.