And Yet Another Pivot

8 Oct

I spent the past weekend hanging out with fitness professionals at the PTDC – Becoming the Expert seminar. I’m not a personal trainer, so you would imagine a lot of it would not have applied to me, but the lineup was full of smart and interesting people (I will post about the event itself later). It was a great event.

Really though, this post is about me (no surprise) and how I’ve pivoted yet again into another industry. As an immigrant (didn’t arrive in North America until 8th grade), it’s been amazing how my projected career path was nothing like how events actually unfolded. Retiring in my 20s being the most obvious example.

“Fitness” (in all of its vagueness) is the sixth major industry I have entered. Two years ago I was at a conference for daily deals. A year before that had me in local search. Three years before that had me at domain conferences. And so forth. Vegas was a second home to me, spending at least a few days there every month, meeting and schmoozing in the variety of fields I dabbled in (with a lot of overlap). It’s been years since I’ve had to do that.

Examine was (and is) a highly interesting hobby for me, but it is now starting to become large enough (~100-125,000 visitors a month now) that it’s taking up more and more of my time. It is starting to graduate from “fun hobby” to “serious hobby”, and I have to admit, as I don’t have to rely on Examine to pay my bills, the immediate need to monetize has been incredibly freeing.

The previous five industries I entered were all very profitable for me. I am very confident in stating that Examine has the best pages on the Internets when it comes to supplements like creatine, fish oil, caffeine, and more. As a generic user, I firmly believe that Examine belongs in the top 3 Google results for any supplement that we cover.

Of course, it’s easier for me as I am essentially retired – I “work” because I find it fun, not because I need to. It’s liberating.

Amongst the dozens of businesses and websites I have launched, none have excited me as much as Examine has. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it is in two years time.

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October 12th, 2012 at 5:17 am

It’s really great to hear that you are still in the game my friend.
The results for are quite impressive.

Have fun with your project!