Agendize – why is this special?

22 Oct

I’m confused – what is so special about Agendize?

They enable sharing. Something like Quick RSS links or AddThis.

In the context of blogs it makes sense – it is a mass consumer activity. People use Blogger and because they don’t have the technical know-how.

But YP companies like are a different breed. How is figuring out the HTML to add to delicious difficult? Stuff like converting to PDF or IM, which may seem complicated, are all open-sourced for you to find online.

Instead of paying Agendize for this little feature, why not just have an engineer build it in-house and be done with it?

Can anyone elaborate the advantages of using Agendize for me?

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Alex Rambaud

November 14th, 2007 at 4:24 pm

Dear Ahmed,

Let me share with you some reasons why I believe large YP Publishers and Classified Newspapers rely on AgendiZe:
– They access to more than 70 services & formats (not only PDF, Facebook, etc. but also Desktop/Online AddressBooks and Calendars, IMs, Mobiles, GPS) as well as Click to Call and Click to Chat (full web); all those services & formats are integrated … that means that when you send a listing to a friend via email, your friend can send send it to his mobile phone or IM it to his firend, etc.
– Content Management capabilities (the content you save or share is different depending on the device but also on the Advertiser category, geographies, etc.)
– Detailed reporting about each and any action performed by the users (so we know how many time an Advertiser has been called / remebered / recommended)
– Multi-lingual platform
– Total dedication to customer satisfaction (we know the YP business so we can not only deliver a robust implementation but also share with them new solutions to better engage the social consumer)
– Our R&D roadmap for the future :-)

So yes, YP Publishers as large eCommerce sites could start developing a small part of our solution but is it enough strategic for them to do develop it by themselves and maintain it vs. other investments in other areas?
So some YP have started with in-house developments and now rely on us for those capabilities that are not always so obvious to develop & maintain :-)

Hope it helps. If you wish, I’ll be pleased to run an online demo of our back-office for you.