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Big Week for Last week, announced its Human Effect Matrix, which “solves over 90% of supplement confusion.” The response was staggering, to say the least. Some quick numbers: 100,000 visitors over baseline (so e.g. if in the week we would have expected 50,000 visitors, we had 150,000) 1,000 new followers to our Facebook […]

So this past week, Kurtis and I got an article published on TNation, titled New Uses for Creatine. We basically summed up some 101 on creatine (it works, it’s safe), and then talked about interesting research being done using it (neurological, cell-saving, etc). Being the webdev engineer that I am, afterwards I thought – how […] continues to grow, and is slowly becoming the juggernaut I always wanted it to be. The reality though is that none of this was happenstance. It’s been two years of solid grinding – reading, writing, editing, connecting, responding to emails asap, etc. I’m retired, but every day, from roughly 10am to 4pm, with a […]