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HasOffers has a nice, simple, and powerful interface. Sites like LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, Tippr, and others use it. Considering how many daily deal sites are completely technologically inept (which just causes us headaches at DealCatch), it is always nice when we find one that uses HasOffers. Their latest blog post caught my eye – $18,500/day in […]

I finally have a new website to show off: After I came back to Toronto (wow it’s almost been 2 years … and I am moving again soon), one of the things I really focused on was my health. I spent hours every day reading up on fitness and nutrition. The amount of anecdotal […]

It surprises me how few people know/realize why TripAdvisor got big. It wasn’t because their data was superior (they tried to sell it … and miserably failed). It wasn’t that their UI was better. No – it was because they dominated the search engines. And they dominated them because they bought links everywhere. And I […]