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Nice little story on how Neal used the internet to save himself ~$250. What kind of stood out to me though – Neal used Repair Pal to find out how much a new starter would cost – he really used to the site for research purposes, not for the actual transaction. So they helped him […]

I’ve been talking about shifting away from local search to local – and it boggles my mind how wasteful local is. My favorite example are blogs for businesses. Say I like Cafe X nearby. They have a blog (or even a website). They realize that getting their information is a good idea – and so […]

Local Search vs Local

5, Aug 2009

I’ve changed my tune before – particularly that reviews are overrated and recommendations are the future. But even more importantly – I’m realizing that the problem is that we are focusing too much on local ‘search’ and too little on ‘local’ itself. A while ago I was at the GeoDomain Expo 2009 in San Diego. […]