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So I find out that has purchased (formerly operated by LiveDeal). But – what the hell are they doing with its SEO? They have essentially duplicated on – creating a duplicate content nightmare. On top of it, all of their previous links are now dead and go straight back to […]

But as more and more information goes on, being part of the conversation truly becomes very important. I am now on Twitter, and it will include even more inane-ness that springs to mind. hi-def quality wag the dog

Manhattan Neighborhoods as seen on iBegin Places. free download of shooter

Firefox: I’m in the address bar, I hit [TAB], I end up in the search box. IE7: I’m in the address bar, I hit [TAB], I end up on the refresh page. Why would they something so damn retarded? If I am advanced enough to use tab, I obviously now what F5 / Ctrl+R is […]

A thought about Hulu

19, Nov 2008

It stands to reason that the executives from NBC and FOX keep a very close eye on viewer behavior on – stuff like pageviews, unique visitors, ad click rate, attention rate, etc – I am sure that is tracked closely. I can imagine this is also a way for them to circumvent the rather […]

Why Hello Local

18, Nov 2008

Yesterday I attended a little meetup comprised of NYC local/mobile based startups. There was a big discussion in the middle of it, and I played my usual part of devil’s advocate. But beyond that – I’m actually starting to feel old I started dabbling in local in early 2003, and early 2009 is almost upon […]

The recession (and possibly depression) we are barreling into has me both very optimistic and slightly concerned. To get it out of the way – my concern is more broad than just ‘we are heading into a depression.’ The amount of corruption and cronyism everywhere is mind-boggling – as more and more details come out […]

So What's New?

11, Nov 2008

I’m a sour puss that’s what As things have melted around in general (ala economy), and some of that bubbling enthusiasm has started to pop (finally), we’ve been sitting here, thinking and doing. The Thinking: what is local about? I really soured on user reviews a while ago, and as I explore restaurants in NYC, […]


6, Nov 2008

Often times we get people who think they are contacting a business, when in fact they are contacting us. Some are factory spam, some are legitimate, and some are just oddly bizarre. We got this one recently I could not help but share: From: KEVIN IP Address: Date: 2008-11-05 22:19:59.389068 Message: TELL DENSLOWS MARKET […]