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Every time I run into another blog post that trumpets on how Chrome’s market share is down … I just shake my head at how people are confusing common sense with deep analytics. First off, Google Chrome was a big announcement. Here was the fabled GBrowser (speaking of which, goes nowhere). And what was […]

As faithful readers know, I’ve been working around the clock non-stop for the past few weeks. I was supposed to meet someone for lunch yesterday, but was so exhausted I had to take a raincheck and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. Meanwhile there was the Traffic Conference going on across the bridge in […]

I was looking at how Google was crawling a new website of ours (more on that later), I noticed that Google not only looked for favicon.ico but also favicon.gif. I should mention that in 4 days Google has looked for favicon about a dozen times, and keeps looking for it. Just so you know. the […]

Whew I am tired

23, Sep 2008

Tomorrow heralds the launch of the newest version of Nothing changes superficially – but internally it pushes live 8 months of complete re-write from the ground-up. We’ve learned a lot in the 2+ years before the re-write started, and the new base will allow us to do more. A lot more masters of the […]

Just today five unique visitors hit the site looking for ‘ scam’ and in the past week 25 unique visitors have. And we are not even the #1 or #2 result. One of these days that 575k # will be dis-regarded. ice age: the meltdown movie pictures

Why do sites insist on having you put in your password twice? So what if a person types it in wrong? Looking at it in another way – what is the probability a person types it in wrong? 1%? 5%? Lets even say 5% … so why make 95% of the users suffer and make […]

The latest news post on announces the availability of the Albeo Theme – made by none other than our Design Disease brand. That Elena is a fantastic designer. We already have roughly 2 million backlinks from our other free WP theme releases – I wonder what number this release will push it to? want […]