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I just did a quick post at Domain Name News on how none of the ‘top’ Canadian startups actually use a .ca domain (or even an expensive ‘generic’ domain). And ooh looky, iBegin clocks in at #6 according to ComScore.

Greg Sterling loves coupons (or at least loves to talk about them :)). Many other analysts and writers in the local space also talk about coupons a lot. Not to be snobbish, but I’ve never really cared for coupons. Yeah I will use one occasionally, but rarely do I go hunting and looking out for […]

Maybe it is some kind of implicit trust in humans, but I am amazed by how easy it is to order food online. Pizza, ice cream, wine, organic fruit and vegetables, and everything in between – it is amazingly easy to order this stuff online. Literally in the span of 30 seconds I can order […]

I started dabbling in websites way back in 1997, but the first one to make me over four figures was a topsites. And at 18, that catches your attention. Anyhoo – one of my topsites (which I sold for a quarter million … to help jumpstart iBegin) was doing roughly 100,000 unique visitors when I […]