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Someone I was talking to was asking me why someone should use iBegin Share and not ShareThis. When I told him it was installed vs having them host it (and track everything), I got the equivalent of a blank stare. I am confused by all the people who think it is a good idea to […]

What is up with all these blogs that think they are some amazing community and feel the need to put up some forum and/or other hard-work-required community hangouts? I was going through some popular blogs today, and about a quarter had a link to a ‘Forum.’ Odd I thought – I thought the attraction was […]

I was reading the Buenos Aires Herald today, and in the top right corner was an ad for American Airlines. They had a url advertised: Now – do people in Argentina (and Buenos Aires) speak Spanish? Sure. But like most major languages, it has its own dialect. In Argentina they call it Castellano (speaking […]

Google just released a new version of Google Trends that shows Google trying to estimate traffic for sites – but you do have to login first. What I find curious is the barrier between stuff like Google Analytics, and Google Adsense. If I use Analytics and I said it is okay to disclose my stats […]

My earlier post started my train of thought, but 24 hours lated I’ve decided: The focus should be on recommendations, not clockwise movie download sites reviews Let me indulge myself. When we launched iBegin Toronto years ago, I not only added a reviews component, but also a Favorites option. My reasoning was simple – there […]

Jangled Mind

19, Jun 2008

I have 21 drafts – from DDL:08 to to 19 others in between. From early January 2007 to yesterday. So much to say, so little time to articulate it … man to man movie

How things turn eh? I read about adding reviews, and I thought to myself – “is it really that important?” I look back to my experiences when trying to find something. Be it a doctor, lawyer, or a restaurant – the only time I have ever given a damn about reviews is for restaurants. […]

I tend to subscribe to every local-oriented website blog. One I subscribed to way back was Burrp, a site that started off as a restaurant review website for India (in one city at that time). Since then they expanded to include TV listings, and more. Their realization was pretty simple – people everywhere want better […]

Whew. I touched on Argentina local earlier – giant gaping holes in the online local space. The biggest problem really has been the lack of any sort of mapping for Buenos Aires. So I spent a couple dozen hours and using a mis-mash of APIs and some crawling I’m happy to release Mapa BsAs. BsAs […]

On my way to Argentina, I read an article in the airplane magazine about two guys who had created a restaurant review website for Buenos Aires. Their website – Oleo – is a pretty decent website. Yet it is the only website I have found for restaurants in Buenos Aires. Hell – in the US […]