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I read the latest post on TechCrunch re – Fitna, and could only shake my head. I am the product of many countries. My grandparents/parents were all from Kashmir, the piece of land that India and Pakistan have gone to war over. Before I settled in Canada, I had the pleasure of living in half […]

Just some anecdotal evidence. We released a site some three years ago. It sat on our oldest server for the first 18 months, and it didn’t do so well in the search engines. Did around 8000 pageviews a day, with revenue at a partly $25-35 a day. Nothing impressive. Then when we finally got our […]

Its taken me roughly four months to get here, but three days ago my notebook finally arrived. I looked for a long time for a notebook with the following: 1. SSD 2. 13.3″ max screen / < 4 lb (basically not too bulky). 3. Docking station 4. A powerful enough gfx card that wouldn’t choke […]

I am not a fan of technology. I appreciate what it can do (and does!), but I am far from an unbridled fan. Things like social networks and instant messaging, while I can appreciate, also make me angry. People talk about being ‘so connected’ and about ‘becoming a source’ but I see it as ‘disconnecting […]

#1 – it is now called iBegin Labs. Unfortunately too many people mis-understood the play on ‘beta’ and going for ‘gamma.’ Lesson learned – don’t be too clever for your own good, go with the simple. We have the updates here, but the most interesting is the launch of iBegin Places. I think it will […]

That you cannot do a JS popup ‘add to bookmark’ for FireFox that you can for IE. When we launched iBegin Share, this was one of the most requested features – “Do a ‘add to bookmark’ that works in IE, FF, Opera, Safari” Except the problem is that it can only work in IE. FF […]

LinkedIn = the big duh

16, Mar 2008

I needed to locate a person. I didn’t know exactly who. But I knew what company, and in what area. I was asking my friend Frank (of Domain Name News) if he knew anybody in that organization, and he pointed out something very obvious – did I search LinkedIn. It was such a moment of […]

A while ago the for sale story made the rounds. It was a simple site – stating what had been offered, and their status (all rejected). If you read the comments, I mention Sahar owns the domain – and he Hours: have. Associated illegal viagra be that is lisinopril no prescription canada billowy love […]

Mike Boland got to chat with Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman and posted his thoughts. Some very interesting information, and excellent points about the qualitative factors of a review (which seems to be missing in most UGC conversations). But I did laugh at this: Stoppleman is excited about the directions the mobile world is moving … […]

My Vudu Review

12, Mar 2008

So a while ago, I bought a Vudu. It is like an Apple TV – connect it to the internet, hook it up to your TV, and buy/rent movies through the system. Yesterday, while attempting to watch I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, the thing died. Or it didn’t die per se – it would play […]