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From the nuts and bolts to how you present data to your visitors – you can squeeze speed out in many ways. The (relatively) popular talk is about optimizing the user-download sequence to wring out as much performance as you possibly can. I’ve talked about this in the context of CSS sprites (great for speed […] Look at its numbers – estimated 3 million US visitors last month! Pretty close to, and well above of The site in itself is quite simplistic. Take (what appears to be public) city data, condense it nicely, and put it up. We had done something similar roughly 3 years ago (and […]

So I got back today – I made a little bit of a blunder and we left the airport … when the flight was leaving in an hour. So we rushed through, cut the lines everywhere, and had time to grab a coffee before we got onto the plane. I get home and Jacob from […]

Oh UPS …

18, Jan 2008

So I had two packages to be delivered today, and one tomorrow – all three by UPS. The one by ground got here just fine. It was ETAed to arrive on Monday, but got Thursday. The one that was sent by one day shipping – the idiot driver claimed my address didn’t exist. Of course […]

ReachLocal – recipient of $67million in funding. The footer includes a link to ReachLocal Directory … which is nothing more than an ODP directory. What exactly is the point of having that? UPDATE: Fixed the funding – I had erroneously noted it as $160 million. Someone from RL did contact me about this – I […]

Things will tighten. While the USD seems to have stopped its freefall (3 months ago it was 1 USD = 0.98 CAD, now its upto 1.02), year over year it got brutally hurt. With high oil prices finally start to affect consumer behaviour, and the housing market meltdown creating a huge gap in people’s spending […]

A Few Milestones

16, Jan 2008

1. The previous record we had for # of pages crawled (for one site) by Google was roughly 430k. In the last 2 weeks we had one site that had over 500,000 pages hit by Googlebot. In 24 hours. Needless to say the server was a bit hot 2. I seem to be getting married […]

Forced Localization

10, Jan 2008

So I’m back – spent 2 weeks in Colombia (the country). I went there for a wedding – my friend’s mother owns a beach-house there, and 15 of us crammed into that place. Not that I’m complaining – all the hotels there were $300+ per night, and the house was literally 10 seconds away from […]