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23, Dec 2007

I’ve never understood why Microsoft decided to brand its next-generation online tools under, and not I mean – ‘Start’ is already what so many users do when using Windows – it is the gateway to all the applications on their computer. It also has a very nice sense of it – = […]

Dual Monitorage

21, Dec 2007

Don’t know if that is a word, but frankly don’t care I went CRT-free 5.5 years ago, and went dualie 4.5 years ago. Best idea ever – my eyes thank me, and having two screens is great for segmenting work. I just ran into Ultramon, and I can’t believe I wasn’t using this app. Beyond […]

Is gonna be full of SSD drives in RAID (specifically look for the ‘IOMeter’ test). Just thinking gets me all excited

Some Wii Lameness

18, Dec 2007

I like my Wii. I got it on the day it came out – I lucked out and arrived at Kmart roughly an hour early. Two kids (+mom) had camped the night, and with three Wiis for sale – I got quite lucky. So I’ve been following with certain interest as the hypemeter on the […]

1. Build up popular free software – eg b2 Evolution. 2. Contain multiple links back to your site that are big keywords (eg – web hosting) 3. Due to lots of backlinks (all in the footer while having no ‘context’ with web hosting combined with your initial authority (almost 3 million backlinks according to Yahoo), […]

Eight days ago I talked about how I hate marketplaces for the riff-raff that you find contained in them. Today I get an email from SitePoint with their new ebook – “How to Flip Web Sites for Profit” Incidentally one of the writers is Peter T Davis – I have a long history with that […]

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the amount of influence corporations have in dictating government policy. I think people like us (on the technological forefront) are more aware than most due to issues that affect technology. Regardless of ideology, I’ve always seen the internet as the great equalizer. A floating body of knowledge, where things not […]

It seems like Intel isn’t happy with its visual branding, and (trying) to take a hint from Target (bullseye), Nike (swoosh), Apple (apple), and so forth, is pushing out its own ‘evolution glyphs’ The glyphs were created from recurring shapes that were found throughout the microprocessor’s features as the silicon is processed. They’re hoping that […]

No really: pages in Google. What I saw: the bridge on the river kwai movie desktop

- Little discussion on authority SEO. The owner of the site I mentioned found this site. – I talked to a company that services SMBs today about publishing the data they have on iBegin Source. The pitch is simple – they provide us with the data, and we help their advertisers get more exposure. The […]