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Concentrated Effort

24, Oct 2007

When I first launched this blog, I made a concentrated effort to blog daily. Whatever it was, some tech stuff had to be mentioned. Along the way I got side tracked and got too ‘busy’ for this blog. So while I still posted occasionally, it lost the luster it had originally. Lately I’ve got two […]

I had an interesting call earlier this week. When we originally launched iBegin Source, we almost blew the floor off the competition. Our entire approach was efficiency and efficacy – do it right (the first time), do it fast, and do it simple – remove barriers to save costs (especially in terms of man-power). Imagine […]

Everyone talks about business listings, news, weather, movies, events, etc etc when it comes to local. But it turns out that people care about the obituaries too. This one took me by surprise. While the responses focused on gags, I did look for some more concrete numbers on how popular obituaries are – with no […]

I’m confused – what is so special about Agendize? They enable sharing. Something like Quick RSS links or AddThis. In the context of blogs it makes sense – it is a mass consumer activity. People use Blogger and because they don’t have the technical know-how. But YP companies like are a different breed. […]

Yes the title is convoluted on purpose. Following the debacle that has been, there was one user on Domain Name News defending the decision – all under the pseudo-name ‘Innocent Bystander’ Innocent my ass – his IP resolved directly to ‘DALLAS COWBOYS FOOTBALL CLUB FON’ This of course begs the question if it is […]

My favorite whipping boy on a site that gets popular due to faddish nature and then just declines for the rest of its life … was acquired. No terms of deal were announced – really it seems just that Platial needed this feature, and decided to buy out the website instead of developing it themselves. […]

Following up on missing dropping, a bigger story: Dallas Cowboys re-think purchase. A pretty bizarre story really. was up during the TRAFFIC live auction. One of their attorneys was a phone-in bidder, bidding ‘$275′ – the auctioneer assumed $275,000, whereas the attorney was thinking $275.00 This is a perfect follow up […]

Your traffic will bleed. No matter how many times you brand with the obvious ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ or whatever, people will type in other domains. You can’t stop that. So I laughed the other day when dropped, and someone else picked it up., a traffic analytics company, was completely asleep at the wheel […]

GeoSign or eMedia?

8, Oct 2007

I was looking over Restaurantica’s About page when I noticed that it was owned by ‘eMedia’. I had previously met the owner of Restaurantica, and (at the time) was an employee of GeoSign. I heard a few months later it was sold to GeoSign itself. The about page also says that eMedia owns TrueLocal,, […]

Thought this was sort of odd … I saw Sebastien’s post on launching in the US. I was doing some random searches, and I noticed that their ‘default’ website image seems to be from Judy’s Book. Eg: food (both #1 and #10 have that as their icon). Odd.