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It’s Halloween today, which means I’m busy gorging on the chocolate we are suppoused to be giving out [those Twix are so delicious]. With user accounts as hundreds of sites (I’m sure we can all attest to that) – ‘forgot password’ is a process I go through again. So – pick on Compete again – […]

One of the first things I was taught in Discrete Math in university was that just because b happens after a does not mean a caused b. So when I saw Matt trumpeting that by removing sponsored themes, he had saved newbie bloggers – I shook my head. Countless blogs could have been penalized just […]

For those that read TechCrunch download Agent Cody Banks , you are obviously aware of the ugly infestation that is Crunch Base. The idea is simple – while TechCrunch covers the news, Crunch Base is where they keep persistent profiles on each company. This profile includes investors, revenue, press releases, etc. A decent idea. But […]

Always self-plugging

28, Oct 2007

Why is it that in every niche, any time there is any news/post about their niche, certain companies feel compelled to say ‘oh look at us.’ It doesn’t contribute to discussion. It doesn’t do anything for anyone. It is a self-appraising ‘look at me’ cry for attention. Case in point: TechCrunch’s post on Judy’s Book […]

What is going on – the results seem uncharacteristically out of date. Yesterday we hit Digg’s frontpage, and got at least a dozen blogs with PR1+ linking to it. And what does Blog Search see? nothing since August 10. Rather odd.

First off – the Dallas Cowboys blundered, and a bunch of domainers (lead by Eric Rice) picked it up (for a much higher price) during the ensuing silent auction. So when I see posts like this which somehow make it as if Rick Schwartz put the domainers together – I shake my head. It […]

Lots of ruckus about Microsoft’s $240 million investment, supposedly valuing Facebook at $15 billion. Microsoft’s original ad deal was for 3 years (ending in 2009). That was their original relationship with Facebook. So Microsoft spent $240 million and got 1.6% of Facebook. That means $240 million / 0.016 = Facebook valued at $15 billion right? […]

It has taken time for me to truly appreciate how much blogging can affect your work. While I was pretty non-serious about blogging for the past few months, I had quite a few customers/fans of iBegin Source mention how they loved the blog. It was sort of an eye-opener. I wouldn’t say these people were […]

I’ve talked about how awesome local blogs are, but Gothamist continues to impress me. Check out their Quantcast numbers. 80,000 unique visitors a day. 7,000,000 US pageviews a month (yes I went from day to month). Over $3 million in revenue a year. 30% of their traffic are regulars. With highly educated and rich visitors. […]

Why – Delicious of course. Example: iBegin Source. I can immediately see what people associate the site with. Notice how no one mentions ‘yellow’ for localeze, but mentioned multiple times for Amacai. So – thats my little secret of the day. Doing keyword research? See how your competitors are being tagged. And the tag cloud […]